Punch Television Studios RECENT Intial Public OfferingHas been The $1.00 For Each Share of Stock Factual?

LA, CA: Punch Television Studios, an improbable TV production studios authorized with the U.S. SEC to put up for sale shares in the company at $1 every share. This distinct fundingchance permitted the general public to take a position in an exciting multimedia group with extensive growth potential. This business was excited to participate while making it available to the local community.

With an IPO of 50 million shares of stock at only $1 per share, investors were able to purchase stock directly from the company. Investors was able develop into part owners in Punch Television Studios, and be part of in the enjoyment to be able to check their market.

Punch Television Studios, buyer base has already made it possible for the business to kick off 7 broadcasts across the nationwide attaining over 26 million properties, not to mention stations in Los Angeles Columbus Ohio, Pensacola & Jacksonville Florida, Houston & Beaumont TX. The network has already been able to profitably establishment on most important cable networks broadcasting on Frontier Communications, DirecTV, AT&T, Charter Spectrum, Fios by Verizon and Dish Network NASDAQ: DISH.

The business' to begin broadcasting on KILM in Los Angeles is estimated to provides over $24 million dollars in annual sales . The company is projected to make over $1.3 billion dollars in income each year and is assigning a little of the cash raised from the stock presenting to produce over three-hundred feature films and TV shows across a large choice of categories and subject matter.

Just here recently Punch Television was able to invest a $1 million dollar into Punch Animations stock symbol URBT). These undertakings will allow new script writers to bring their dreams to finishing and put together jobs and economic growth in the communities where the films are completed.

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